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St George Jackson Mivart (1827–1900) was a comparative anatomist and one of Darwin’s most vigorous English critics. In this essay from 1873, he rejects any similarities between humans and apes, criticising the arguments of Descent and of Expression,…

Moseley was a naturalist on the Challenger expedition, (1872–6). With this letter, he sends Darwin a Japanese book illustrating the expression of emotions. Although Darwin’s own copy of the book does not survive, we know that he received it as he…


A stonemason who has read Origin and Descent would like to read Charles Darwin’s other books but is too poor to afford them

'I have delayed somewhat longer than I intended, acknowledging the copy of your new volume, which you have been kind enough to send me. I delayed partly in the hope of being able to read more of it before writing to you; but my reading powers are so…

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In the three months following the appearance of Darwin’s Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals, the Victorian humour magazine Fun published several cartoons and even a poem devoted to the book. One exploits Darwin’s view of human emotions…

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Murray’s must publish [Expression] tomorrow with only 4000 copies, because the plates for 3000 additional copies have not yet been delivered. The trade and public will be dissatisfied. It may be advisable to get police to defend the house.

This letter mentions translations, illustrations, and other arrangements for Expression.
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